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What Sets Us Apart From the Rest 

4 Rich Facts That Will Make You Want Hepty Aerosol

Save Cost 

  • Efficient

  • Hassle Free

  • Low Cost
  • ​Long Lifespan


  • Non-damaging electric equipment

  • No Oxygen Consumption

  • Non-toxic



  • No CO2

  • No Green House Gas

  • No Hazardous Substance



  • In Various Type of Places

  • Small Size

  • Easy Install &Maintain    

Save Cost with Hepty

Save Cost with

Hepty aerosol fire suppression unit offer a range of benefits that can help businesses save money and reduce hassle. One key advantage is their long lifespan, which means they provide reliable protection for an extended period of time. Additionally, these unit with a simple automatic ignition do not require piping or pressure cylinders, making them save cost in manufacturing. 

Moreover, hassle-free operation makes very low maintenance cost, let Hepty aerosol fire suppression unit become affordable for businesses. They offer a high return on investment for dealers due to their durability and low cost. These units are an excellent investment for anyone looking for effective and cost-efficient fire suppression solutions.

Hepty Aerosol Fire Suppression Save the Most Cost !
Hepty aerosol fire suppression systems will extinguish fires in 4 seconds
Amount of extinguishing media used  of Hepty only 0.15  KG

Let's Save Much More with Hepty.

The time and amount of fire extinguishing media used to extinguish fires is clearly in favor of Hepty aerosol fire suppression systems. Only 0.15 Kg of aerosol generating composition (AGC) will effectively suppress a fire in as little as 4 seconds. Other systems require much more fire extinguishing media to suppress fires from 30 to 300 seconds.

Safty is the key point

Safty is the key point

Unlike traditional fire suppression systems, Hepty's systems will not harm electronic equipment, function, or other valuable assets in the protected area. This is because the units use a non-corrosive and non-conductive aerosol that effectively extinguishes fires without leaving any residue or damage. In addition, our aerosol does not displace oxygen and does not emit toxic substances. This allows individuals to be in the protected area while extinguishing if necessary. By choosing Hepty's fire suppression units, Both of corporate assets and personnel can be secured from fire damage without the risk of additional harm from the other suppression system.


Eco-Friendly of
Hepty Products

  • Hepty aerosol fire suppression systems have zero ozone depletion potential, zero global warming potential and zero atmospheric life in years.

Eco-Friendly of Hepy aerosol fire suprressions/extinguisher
User- friendly

 Hepty is User-friendly 

Hepty's aerosol fire suppression units are user-friendly and designed with durability in mind. The units are constructed with small size, and do not degrade or rust over time, making them ideal for a variety of locations and easy to handle. Due to all the advantages which are mentioned above, our Hepty aerosol fire suppression products can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of a particular space. Because of its well design and sound construction, it is easy to install and maintenance for everyone. 

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Fire Classification System


Ordinary Combustibles
​(Open Flame)


Flammable Liquids



未命名設計 (1).png

Cooking Oils & Grease

Hepty aerosol fire suppression systems are rated for use in extinguishing class A fires from ordinary combustibles, class B fires from flammable liquids, class C fires from electrical devices and class K fires from cooking oils and grease. This versatility ensures superior fire suppression in a wide variety of applications so you can enjoy the finer things in life worry free.

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