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Breaking The Fire Chain!

Science Made Simple

Fire 4 Elements 

The principle of aerosol fire extinguishing is based upon the process of suspending the fire forth element, i.e. chemical chain reaction, in the burning flame.

The main element of the aerosol fire extinguisher is a solid aerosol compound which will initiated by a pyrotechnic impulse and form extinguishing aerosol cloud, then fills the volume and extinguishing the fire.

How is aerosol fire suppression environmental friendly?

The fire extinguishing agent produced with this ingredient is eco-friendly which will not release CL, BR...etc. hazardous substances, CO2, as well as green gas, during extinguishing fire process and which is also renewable, unlike other chemical fire extinguishers. Additionally, the use of aerosol-based fire extinguishers leaves no residue and does not damage electronic equipment, making it environmentally friendly and safe.

We dedicated to fire the fire through non-hazardous environmental substances to  achieve the Eco-friendly at the same time.

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